Quirke & Shaw Cleaning Supplies everything from cloths, mops and dusters to cleaning systems especially designed for a wide range of commercial and public industries, including the catering hygiene and healthcare sectors, as well as many of the Ireland’s largest retail concerns.

Below is just a very brief selection of our mopping supplies. Please contact us for a complete list of cloths, mops,dusters and cleaning sytems.

Cleaning Trolley  

Banana Cones

“Don’t Slip!” A warning that catches your attention is worth having. The most common caution signs and cones were evaluated in a perception study with 246 participants to determine the effectiveness of the delivery of the warning message. Four products were tested (2 signs, 2 cones). Results show that “Banana Cone” significantly outperformed all of the products examined, more than 22x that of standard A-Frames. Attention is a prerequisite to message processing, and thus avoidance action.
Cleaning Trolley  

Professional Mopping Trolley

The innovative range of multi purpose trolleys produced to satisfy the needs of end-users in the professional cleaning cleaning market. The trolley has been developed according to existing and possible future trends in cleaning.
  • strong, easy to clean, very flexible, rust-proof, recyclable and light
  • modularity: easy to add or change components
  • safety: lockable drawers with removable keys
  • available with 3 lockable drawers, 125mm wheels, 2 hooks, 1 handle holder, 4 x 4L buckets, 15L blue/red bucket with wringer, 120L foldable bag holder which folds up to reduce size of trolley for storage (lid and bag are included)
Bucket & Wringer  

'RH-pro' Mopping System

The 30 Litre Bucket (most systems are 25 litre), offers a large capacity and is ideally suited to cleaning large areas. The system comes complete with a high quality gear press wringer suitable for Kentucky Mops. 
Wet Floor Sign  

Wet Floor Sign

Standard Wet Floor Sign.
Bucket & Wringer  

Optima Industrial Heavy Duty Mop Bucket

Optima Industrial Heavy Duty 12litre Mop Bucket. Available in blue, red, green, yellow
Brushes and Brooms  

Brushes & Brooms

Brushes manufactured with FEIBP registered approval to meet with the requirements set out in European Council Directive 93/94/EEC for their safe use in food processing areas. Being autoclavable they are also ideally suited for other hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals, sanitary and clean-rooms etc 


  • Traditional Cotton Mops
  • 'HX' Socket Mops
  • Kentucky Mops
  • Hygiene Mops
  • Super White Mops


3M Floor Pads  

Floor Pads

  • Lower Total Cleaning Costs
  • Conform easily to floor surface
  • Collect More Dirt
  • Machine Washable
  • Faster operation and easy maintenance
  • MAximise overall productivity

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