Paper Products

Our products are designed to provide affordable solutions in the washroom and workplace, ensuring a wide choice and solution to every wiping requirement.

Toilet Rolls Hand Towels
Toilet Rolls
  • Coreless Toilet Rolls
  • Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue
  • Luxury Toilet Rolls
  • Luxury Qulted Toilet Rolls
  • Conventional Toilet Rolls
  • Mini, Midi, Maxi Jumbo Toilet Rolls
Hand Towels
  • Multi-Fold Hand Towels
  • Centre-Fold Hand Towels
  • Inter-Fold Hand Towels
Facial Tissues Hygiene Rolls
Facial Tissue
  • Boutique Cube
  • Facial Tissue
  • Mansize Tissue
Hygiene Rolls
  • Blue or White 40M 250mm
  • Blue or White 40M 500mm
  • Blue or White 50M 250mm
  • Blue or White 50M 500mm
Medical Wipes Continuous Roll Towels
Medical Wipes
  • 2 Ply
  • 205mm by 125mm
  • 72 Sheets
Roll Towels
  • Blue or Green
  • 45mm 180M x 200mm
  • 45mm 76M x 200mm
  • 45mm 76M x 400mm
  • 45mm 175M x 200mm
  • 45mm 150M x 200mm
  • M-Boss White or Blue
  • 110M x 200mm
  • 800gm roll SCR080 Coloured
  • S2kg (Cut) SCC200 Coloured
  • 800gm roll SWR080 White
  • 2kg (Cut) SWC200 White
  • 2Kg roll SWR200 White

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